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Creating Culturally Responsive Educational Material


"Global & Cultural Understanding"

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See, Think, Wonder, Learn

The learning starts here. We designed a visual model to get scholar's brains pumping with awesome creative ideas. The concept is to SEE, THINK, WONDER and LEARN from the featured American Unsung Hero. The goal is to inspire and activate critical thinking using this visualization aid.  


Students Teaching Students

Change the World Challenge Unsung Hero Films are short, informational and fun. Developed to empower scholars to step into a leadership role. Peer to peer learning builds a strong foundation for trust and confidence to engage in deeper learning.

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Restorative Discussion

Restorative Discussion Questions are specifically designed to assist teachers in guiding students through an Indigenous way of understanding , learning, and doing. These questions are built upon a restorative practices framework which highlights indigenous principles of collectivism versus individualism,  oral tradition versus written, and the interconnectedness of people and places.

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Community Service Learning Project 

Our Community Service Learning Projects are designed to transform learning into social collective action. This curriculum component takes the transformative learning within the classroom, out into the world to change our community. The projects are designed with multiple entry points for students to engage with the social issues. We provide all materials, training, and guidance for teachers to implement these projects in their classrooms.

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So Fun!

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 Loved        it! 

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